Faith Beyond Abuse Global Initiative for Women and Girls Organization, Inc. (FBA) is a 501(c)(3) human services nonprofit organization serving women and girls globally. FBA is an advocate for the rights of women and girls and provides self-help tools, resources, information and prevention solutions that address the needs of personal, social and economical improvement for women and girls who are victims of any form of abuse and domestic violence.

As a domestic violence advocate it is our goal and mission to bring our visitors and members current resources and news as it pertains to domestic violence, dating violence, human trafficking, sexual assault, stalking or any form of violation against women and girls. Listed below is just a few of the resources we provide utilizing current technology means and that includes;

  • Help Resources and Hotline Social Support
  • Network Prayer Team and Testimonial Center
  • Current News Regrading Domestic Violence Current Statistics 
  • Self Help Resources and more!


Our goals is to be a beacon of awareness regarding global issues particularly of women and girls, to develop and facilitate engaging workshops that explore means of empowerment, the prevention of violence against women and girls and provide tools that can help the healing process as it relates to the effects of abuse.


To provide unique diverse approaches and strategies that recognize today’s social challenges, to bridge perspectives and deepen cooperation around key issues and struggles regarding the effects of abuse specifically with women and girls.


To create and facilitate life changing intervention tools that assist in the prevention of domestic violence and help victims explores the process of healing, coping and growing beyond the traumatic experiences of domestic violence.


1. We are committed to global social change regarding violence against women and girls and who believe that equality and justice are critical to furthering sustainable international well-being.

2. Through our efforts and in partnership with grassroots and other advocate entities at home and abroad we hope together to more effectively support the transformation of our world into a livable global community that is just, responsible and sustainable for all.