...This first of its kind guide series just for women takes its participants on a liberating and enlightening journey to self discovery and personal empowerment. Which provides the essentials to help educate YOU with its creative and appealing domestic violence awareness and prevention applications all with an intent to help prevent domestic violence before it happens, yet initiate coping suggestions to help victims get beyond the hindrances of domestic violence while encouraging hope through biblical principles!


• 7 Empowering Principles with Supporting Scriptures for Daily Encouragement and Motivation to Build Inner Strength, Find YOUR Essences and Securing YOUR Spiritual Faith.

• Personal Growth Applications with Uplifting Affirmations

• Journaling for Self Reflecting

• Follow Along Structure for Interactive Discussions among Participant that Encourages Sharing Testimonies, Releasing and Developing New Relationships.

• Prayer and Scripture Applications

• Calendar & Appointment Log

• Address Book & Personal Website Log

• My Monthly Progress Report

• An Abundance of Help Resources

• Safety Planner

• Lesson Plans just for Ministers and Much More!

In addition...

• Great for Any Christian Ministry

• Home

• Office or Launch During or After any Special Event for Women

• Utilize in Small Ministry Groups for Women

• Family or Friendship Activity

• Women’s Retreat and much more!

Size: 8x11

Pages: 190

Content: Black & White